Russian Lash Trays

Russian Lash Trays

Love2Lash introduces to you the Amazing Easy Fan Russian Volume lash trays 9mm-15mm. Matte Dark Black & the Highest Quality. The NEW Easy Fan Lashes are the must have lashes for any lash tech.

Easy Fan Volume Lashes allow you to create a perfect fan quickly and easily. We all know how difficult and time consuming mastering the volume technique is and can be very frustrating.

Whether struggling to build your own fans, or you're a master and simply want to save time building your own but don't want to use pre made fans, these are your absolute go to lash.

Easy Fan Lashes are much easier to use to regular volume lashes which aren't held together at the base & can fall apart when picking up. The Easy Fan Lashes unique lash strips prevent the lashes from splitting at the base, allowing you to create a fan without needing to keep the base of the lash together yourself & without causing a thick base, therefore this Design also provides superb and longer bonding as they're designed to wrap perfectly around the natural lash.

Create a full and volumed look very quickly and easily with these beautiful super soft Easy Fan Lashes. Easy to pick up & easy to place.

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    £10.50Sale Price